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NORD PLUS project "Methods for effective waste advising NPAD -2015/10188” concluded


On 31 August, 2017 there concluded the project "Methods for effective waste advising NPAD -2015/10188” which was financed by EU under the programme NORD PLUS and coordinated by Sykli Environmental School of Finland.


Liepajas RAS was a one of the project partners alongside with Waste Management Association of Latvia and Tartu Environmental Education Centre.


To achieve the aims of the project, the partners collected educational information from different European countries (Latvia, Estonia, Finland) about waste advising as a most effective tool to get people to sort waste and to do it properly. The information and methods of waste advising were selected according to the target groups, for example, households, public sector, immigrants, school students of different age groups etc.


The project resulted in several achievements:

1.       an international network of waste advisers was developed;

  1. best practices of waste information and counselling were collected;
  2. best practices and methods were disseminated and they were collected into a common waste information e-learning platform;
  3. suitability of the methods was tested in practice.


To learn more about the e-learning platform and how to use it, please contact with Liepajas RAS Project Manager Mrs. Ritma Dubrovska, email: ritma@liepajasras.lv