Corporate social responsibility

In our understanding, corporate social responsibility is a measure how implement socially responsible, transparent and efficient management and operation of a municipal institution, by doing it with a value-based sense of mission.

The framework of our performance is not only the regulations and policy planning documents of the Republic of Latvia and the European Union.

We are also guided by the principles of corporate governance and examples of good practice, including the United Nations-defined characteristics of good governance (compliance with the law, participation, efficiency, fairness, consensus-building, accountability, responsiveness, transparency) and certain sustainable development goals. also pursue national and global goals.

Since 2014, we are measuring our activities, including the interaction of regulations with voluntary initiatives implemented, by an annual self-assessment within the framework of the Sustainability Index organized by the Institute of Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility.

The Sustainability Index is a practical strategic management tool that assesses the sustainability of an organization’s operations and the level of corporate responsibility in the areas of strategy, work environment, market relations, environment and local community.

Our benefits:

  • We can improve, what we measure.
  • By improving our insight of the areas of responsibility, we have a better understanding of the provisions of regulations, and we have learned to work in accordance with the principles defined by ourselves or specified in regulations.
  • The culture in our organization is improving – we strive for excellence in every activity, the loyalty and involvement and efficiency of our employees increases.
  • We know how to consider the things and processes strategically, to see them in context.