In accordance with our mission, to ensure the implementation of a sustainable environmental protection and waste management system, we perform a certain set of environmental protection measures.

Until this:

In the period 2002 – 2004 we remediated 25 small dump sites in the territory of Liepaja district, also – Liepaja city landfill Skede, which was created in the latest 60-ies on the shores of Tosmare lake.

Currently we ar managing the remediated landfill Skede, ensuring monitoring activities, maintenance and cleaning of the territory, where until 2013 we obtained biogas, which was used for the production of renewable energy resource – electricity.

As a result of several investment projects, in the period from 2003 – until 2014 we have built and then improved the regional waste management center in “Ķīvītes” in Grobina parish. Since 2004, there has been performed waste management, by using the most accessible and appropriate technologies, and taking in consideration the provisions of legislation, including a permit of polluting activity for category A.

We have implemented tasks of Liepaja regional waste management plan for a period 2014 – 2020. The goal of this plan was to improve waste management system, as possible minimizing the environmental impact of waste. The plan included the main measures to be taken to achieve the goal, the division of duties and responsibilities of the parties involved. We achieved:

settlement of waste management zones, to optimize the work of waste operators and provide the most cost-effective service to customers. Current contracts are valid until 2027.

Liepaja city together with several municipalities of Liepaja waste management region made a joint procurement for the choice of a waste operators. It was the possibility to receive most beneficial service for inhabitants.

Development of collection system for sorted waste. Since beginning of this plan, the number of waste collection points has increased by 41% and areas for sorted waste – from 3 to 6. It enables to sort waste, thus promoting resource efficiency and reducing the waste fee for the inhabitants.

For promoting of waste regeneration, there was opened the waste sorting plant “Skudras” operated by the “Eko Kurzeme”.

Continous communication with local community and stakeholders.

We continue to:

  • take action for the development of the new Liepaja regional waste management plan for period 2021-2028;
  • implement a balanced set of technological processes, by efficient use of existing resources and reducing pollutant emissions and the impact on climate change;
  • reduce the impact of the Liepajas RAS on the environment by analyzing the life cycle of the provided service and performing a controlled environmental monitoring program;
  • reduce the amount of disposed waste by implementing the principles of the circular economy, promoting waste sorting and reuse of materials, promoting an environmentally friendly lifestyle among employees, as well as educating the stakeholders (inculding inhabitants) on the aspects of environmental protection and healthy living;
  • promote the observance and inclusion of the basic principles of green procurement in procurement procedures, as well as carefully evaluate the responsible business of our suppliers and cooperation partners