Work environment

In our institution we create a socially responsible, value-based work environment that promotes loyalty and motivation of employees.

The reward system is linked to individual work results, which we analyze in periodic staff development negotiations.

In accordance with the requirements of regulations, we publish our Reward policy and information on the reward criteria applied in the institution and the amount of salary by position.

In 2020, we employed an average of 41 employee. The average work experience of our employees is 8,1 years in Liepajas RAS Ltd., and the average age is 46,1 years.

Our work team is made up of 27% women and 73% men. This aspect is affected by the field of company’s performance.

Since 2016, we have the status “Family Friendly” granted by the Ministry of Welfare of the Republic of Latvia, as one of those organizations that implement socially responsible and family friendly policy both in its work environment and in the context of the society. We regularly take the employee surveys, thus improving aspects of management that are important to employees and important for our common goal.

We regularly implement work environment events and measures, thus promoting employees’ sense of belonging and loyalty.