Environmentally Friendly Christmas Tips

🌲 To make the holiday season pleasant for nature as well, the Santa Claus of Liepājas RAS invites people to rethink their holiday habits.

  • Wrap gifts in newspapers or reuse existing boxes. Use gift bags repeatedly.
  • Prefer decorations made from natural materials rather than plastic ornaments. You can also decorate with materials found at home.
  • Choose a Christmas tree that you can plant later or create an alternative tree, for example, from books.
  • When you leave home, turn off the lights to save electricity.
  • Create greeting cards from materials found at home. You can also send them online.
  • Give experiences and feelings, such as attending an event, concert, or attraction.
  • Feel free to ask what the recipient needs; then the gift will be useful and anticipated.
  • Gift cards are a great option; this way, the recipient can choose how to use them.
  • Purchase and cook food thoughtfully to avoid food waste.
  • Disposable dishes are not nature-friendly – use dishes that can be reused.
  • Sort your waste.
  • Donate to charity or do other good deeds.
  • Ensure that the gift bag is not a burden bag!

 Let’s celebrate Christmas joyfully!

Do not let the gift bag become a waste bag! 🎁