Waste price list

(in effect from 01.01.2024)

Sort of wasteWaste code 1Tariff,
EUR per ton (without VAT)
EUR per ton
(with VAT)
* Household waste and similar waste from trading, production enterprises and institutions, also separately collected waste types20030193.152112.71
Bulky household waste – furniture, equipment and the like  200307149.67181.10
Construction waste  (bricks, plaster, asphalt, pieces of concrete and the like) with addition of other waste of construction (wood, insulating materials and the like). Construction waste with addition of household waste. Other construction waste (insulating materials, ware of gypsum, frames of windows and doors, elements of constructions and the like)170904 and other waste of group 17
Textile waste200110, 200111
In manufacturing enterprises 3, production and household waste that have been generated, corresponding to the permitted methods of waste disposal in the landfill for household waste in accordance with Cabinet Regulation No. 1032 ‘Regulations for Landfills.The class is applied according to the waste classifier.
Used tires of car160103125.47151.81
Used tires of trucks3138.37167.43
Industrial tires3, including tractor and forestry equipment tires, heavy vehicle tires that are not manufactured in the EU172.87209.17
Asbestos3, Construction materials containing asbestos, including slate. Acceptance only in packaged form, for example, in Big Bag sacks or wrapped on pallets for transportation.170605165.00199.65
Sorted inert waste – loose, without other waste admixtures (minerals, stones, concrete, bricks), including street cleaning residues, brick fragments, tiles, plaster, crushed concrete, asphalt.170107, 191209, 191216 and similar141.8150.59
Window glass without impurities (without frames, protective films, decorative glass, tempered glass, mirrors, glass packaging).  200102
Cardboard without other waste and material impurities.200101
Special waste disposal 3 (documents, confiscated items, etc.) in accordance with the procedures for the disposal of special waste of SIA Liepājas RAS.Apply the class according to the waste classifier165.00 (Not less than 30.00 EUR per ton. t)199.65
Biodegradable waste used for processing without impurities and packaging: Food waste (fruits, vegetables, food scraps);Separately collected leaves, garden, and park waste.200108, 200109, 191213 20020141.8150.59 (For private individuals, up to 500 kg free of charge)
Biodegradable waste used for processing in packaging (bags) or with impurities: Food waste (fruits, vegetables, food scraps);Garden and park waste;Trees, shrubs (with a trunk diameter up to 10 cm).200108, 200109, 191213 20020165.0078.65
The following waste items 3 are NOT accepted for processing:3: Paper, cardboard (except for paper bags used for the collection of biodegradable waste);Bio-plastic products (except for biodegradable plastic bags used for the collection of biodegradable waste);Disposable tableware, coffee cups, takeout food packaging materials (including those made of paper and/or bio-plastic);Wooden packaging, disposable wooden tableware (including bamboo);Processed wood (saw materials, wood products, furniture, fiberboard, etc., impregnated or painted wood), as well as bark separated from the trunk, etc.;Forestry residues, branches, tree stumps, twigs, etc.;Yew, yew needles, and twigs;Natural textile products;Agricultural residues, hay, straw, rushes, manure, etc.;Soil, earth, peat, sand, soil, ash, stones;Sewage sludge;Any category of animal by-products and derivatives not intended for human consumption (European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) No. 1069/2009).”

1 In accordance with Cabinet Regulation No. 302 of April 19, 2011, ‘Regulations on the Waste Classifier and Characteristics Making Waste Hazardous,’ excluding hazardous waste, and in accordance with the permit for Category A polluting activity No. LI14IA0006.

2 In accordance with the draft of the natural resource tax (NRT) rate of 110 EUR/ton and the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (SPRK) instructions on tariff approval for changes in NRT.

3 Waste acceptance is subject to prior coordination by phone at 266446698.

Attention – the weighing interval is 20 kg (we cannot weigh smaller weights).

For more information:

More information about waste acceptance rules by phone +371 26446698 or by e-mail kac@liepajasras.lv