„Liepajas RAS” has started the implementation of EU CF Project „Development of Municipal Solid Waste Management System in Liepaja Region – infrastructure of polygon Kivites”

On 26 November a contract with the Ministry of Environment was concluded for the implementation of the EU Cohesion Fund co-financed Project „Development of Municipal Solid Waste Management System in Liepaja region – infrastructure of polygon Kivites” (No.3DP/ VIDM /001).

The total cost of the Project is 4.3 mil. Ls, including 2.7 mil. Ls from EU Cohesion Fund, with the balance to be covered by the beneficiary – „Liepajas RAS” Ltd.

The Project is aimed at the development of waste management system in Liepaja waste management region with the population of 168.7 thousands.

The Project activities are as follows:

–          Optimization of energy cells, construction of area for disposal of inert waste;

–          Optimization of leachate collection system;

–          Construction of storage space for materials and mobile equipment, and related infrastructure;

–          Procurement of compactor, waste pre-processing plant and associated machinery; of vehicle for container transportation within the polygon territory; of big-size containers;

–          Procurement of construction supervision services.

The overall goal of the Project is to ensure the waste disposal services to the inhabitants of regional municipalities in compliance with the environmental protection and national laws, the provisions of which will be achieved by improving the infrastructure of the existing polygon „Kivites” in Grobina county.