Plastic waste prevention forum and test at sports centre

In order to promote waste plastic prevention, Liepajas RAS conduct a test at a sports centre for two months from 1st of November by 31st of December 2013.

In the framework of Latvian Waste Management State Plan 2013-2020 the measures of how to prevent waste are mentioned, as well as objectives of successions which aim to break tie between economical growth and increased waste amount impact on environment.

Ten sports centres in Liepaja were surveyed to get to know visitors’ habits regarding plastic bottle use and where they get or buy the bottled drink when visiting a sports centre.

It was also important to get to know the owners’ policy for handling plastic waste and other sorted types of waste.  

The visitors are welcomed to use their own refillable bottles and to refill them with free-of-charge water during the visit, thus preventing single-use PET bottles. The prevented amount of PET bottles will be evaluated.

Environmental, social and economical benefits for sports centres:

  1. There is less work for staff to handle PET bottle waste;
  2. Natural resources are saved;
  3. Residual waste can be reduced, thus the times of waste delivery can be limitated which ca result in a smaller bill for waste collection;
  4. Visitors’ and staff’s awareness on waste reuse, recycling and waste prevention is promoted.

The test is performed and managed in cooperation with the sports centre „Royal Fitness” in the framework of Life+ project „Plastic Zero”.

Here ( you can get to know more about the progress of the project and activities.