Visit to Denmark

Liepajas RAS representatives in March 2012 visited three different recycling companies in Copenhagen and gained insight into the practical operation.

Hazardous waste recycling company SMOKA collects, receives and manages oil- and chemical waste. SMOKA is owned by 16 municipalities in the capital area of Denmark. Every year they receive 10-12.000 tonnes of hazardous waste.

Amagerforbrænding is a waste and energy company owned by five municipalities in the capital area of Denmark. At the plant, they receive waste from half a million citizens. 20% of waste is converted into electricity, while 80% of heat, thus providing a centralized heating 120 000 households and 50 000 households annually supplied with electricity.

The company cphWaste is a waste treatment company in Copenhagen. cphWaste receives all kinds of waste except from hazardous waste. Incoming waste is sorted, shredded and sold for further use.