Visit to REnescience, Denmark

Liepajas RAS took part in the site visit to the company REnescience – the name of the company is a contraction of ‘Renewables, Science and Renaissance of the energy system’. The core of the REnescience project is continuous enzyme treatment of household waste at low temperature. The REnescience plant uses enzyme-based technology that sorts waste and converts the organic fraction into a brownish liquid that can be used to produce everything from biogas to electricity and heat.

REnescience offers a single-point enzymatic separation of unsorted municipal solid waste resulting in valuable outputs:

·         Organic material in unsorted municipal solid waste is separated into a bio-liquid which is highly suitable for subsequent biogas production.

·         Digestate from biogas production contains phosphorous suitable as a fertiliser.

·         Recycling of glass, metals and high-grade plastics contained in unsorted MSW.

·         Solid fuel comprising low-grade plastic, textiles and woody material.

Moreover, Liepajas RAS on 17 – 18 April participated in meetings organised by City of Copenhagen, the Coordinating Partner of the Project: Strategic Advisory Board meeting and the Steering Committee meeting. The Strategic Advisory Board discussed the Project findings so far and injected ideas for the future development of the Project, whereas the Steering Committee summed up the Strategic Advisory Board’s ideas and assessed the Project development during the first 6 months of implementation.