NORD PLUS project “Methods for effective waste advising NPAD -2015/10188”

Waste policy in European Union is based on waste prevention and recycling. This calls for effective source sorting.  Practice shows, that there is a lack of effective and comprehensive advise about services of waste management, recycling options and necessity to sort waste.

Precise information from the waste management is one of the most effective tools to get people to sort their waste, and to do it properly. Such consultations are necessary not only for private and public sector, but also in every household.

Waste Information is more effective when there is variety of ways which can be selected according to the target group.

Several organizations have developed their own products to support their work. These may be, for example sorting guides / other information materials, videos, animations, games etc.

Implementation period: 01.09.2015 – 31.08.2017

Coordination institution:

 SYKLI Environmental School of Finland (


Waste Management Association of Latvia, NGO(

– Liepajas RAS, Ltd. (

– Tartu Environmental Education Centre (

  Project aims:

1.    To build an international network of waste advisers;

2.    To bring together best practices of waste information and counselling;

3.    To disseminate best practices and methods and collect them into a common waste information e-learning platform;

4.    To test the suitability of the methods in practice.