Liepajas RAS Ltd was founded 24 February 2000 by municipalities with the goal to represent the interests and implement the tasks in waste management and environmental protection, as well as in other commercial areas.

According to NACE classifier (38.12): waste treatment and deposit.

The company operates the regional solid waste landfill “Kivites”  in Grobina parish and the remediated dump site “ Skede” in Liepaja city. The company takes care of all the waste generated in the whole Liepaja waste management region, namely, depositing, pre-treating prior depositing and collecting biogas in energy cells. The company performs the activities according to the “A” category permit Nr. LI14IA0006 for polluting activities. The company also produces and markets electricity, as well as heat.

The company rents out the real estate (land plots).

The registered and fully-paid share capital is 920 881 EUR. The Liepaja City owns 65,8529 %, “RAS 30” (regional municipalities) 30,856 %, Grobina parish 3,2911 %.