“Liepājas RAS” unveils the biological waste processing plant

On November 17th of this year, the new biological waste processing plant was inaugurated at the regional waste management center of the company “Liepājas RAS.” This event marks a step forward in keeping up with the times, implementing effective waste management methods in Latvia. The fermentation of organic waste in the processing plant’s tunnels will allow the production of technical compost and biogas, which will be used for the generation of electricity and heat.

“This is a turning point in the operation of the waste management center. We are starting a new phase where the majority of waste will be processed, moving towards the goal of burying only 10% of the total waste quantity in the landfill,” stated Normunds Niedols, a member of the board of SIA “Liepājas RAS.”

From January 1, 2024, Latvia will begin sorting and collecting biological waste. This includes food, garden, vegetable, and fruit waste, tree leaves, grass, and other biodegradable materials. Currently, approximately one-third of household waste consists of biological waste.

Sorting is environmentally friendly, reducing the amount of waste to be landfilled and is also economically advantageous. Residents will have the opportunity to reduce waste management costs, as the cost of managing biological waste is planned to be 40% lower than the cost of managing household waste.

The implementation of the SIA “Liepājas RAS” project was carried out in collaboration with the construction company SIA “VELVE,” concluding a design and construction contract. Within this framework, a complex for processing biodegradable waste was created. The company implemented the design and construction, which included both the technological building and the construction of biomass tunnel buildings, as well as the construction of roofs, roads, squares, and engineering communications.

Representative of AS “MN Holding,” Valdis Koks, stated, “The execution of this project is a significant step in the development of infrastructure in Liepāja city and the South Kurzeme region, demonstrating a commitment to promoting a sustainable and innovative approach to waste management. We are pleased that the construction company “VELVE” was entrusted with both the design and construction of this significant factory. In a relatively short period, we have successfully built both sorting sheds in an area of 1500m2 and two waste tunnel blocks, each in an area of 1000 m2, as well as a technological building of 110m2 with two biogas fermentation tanks, each with a capacity of 650m3. At the same time, the area was landscaped, constructing roads and squares in an area of 12964 m2, to ensure the functional and convenient use of the new building complex. I am grateful to the experienced team of “VELVE” for their diligence and responsibility throughout the implementation of the project, and I would also like to express my sincere thanks to the client, construction supervision, and our partners for their constructive collaboration.”

The total cost of the project is 8.3 million EUR excluding VAT. AS “SEB banka” has granted a loan of 3 million EUR for the implementation of this project.